Apple, Google and Microsoft today announced plans to expand support for a common password-free login standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.

While previous password-free implementations required users to access any website or application with each device before they could use password-free functionality, users will now be able to use two additional features next year on all company platforms:

  1. The ability to access their credentials to log in to FIDO on different devices without having to re-register each account.
  2. The ability to use FIDO authentication of mobile devices to log in to an application or website on a nearby device, no matter which OS platform or browser is used.

“The full transition to a world without passwords will begin with making users a natural part of their lives. Any viable solution needs to be more secure, easier, and faster than the passwords and legacy multi-factor authentication methods used today, ”said Alex Simons, corporate vice president of identity management at Microsoft. “By working together as a community on different platforms, we can finally achieve this vision and make significant progress towards removing passwords. We see a bright future for FIDO-based credentials in both user and enterprise scenarios, and we will continue to build support for Microsoft applications and services. “

Adding both features will provide a better user experience and broad support for standards-based services will allow service providers to offer FIDO credentials without the need for passwords as an alternative method of logging in or recovering an account.

Further details are available here.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft commit to expanding their support for FIDO Alliance

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