According to MacRumors, Apple recently launched a pilot project to provide AppleCare customer service with a new tool called Ask. This new tool will help customer service staff answer customer questions. According to reports, the Ask tool automatically generates relevant operational steps, troubleshooting and other content after receiving technical questions from users. Customer service staff can then respond based on the content provided by the Ask tool during online chats or phone calls.

The Ask platform represents a significant advance in Apple’s commitment to using cutting-edge technology to enhance the user experience. This system integrates natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, machine learning algorithms, and advanced knowledge graphs. The AI ​​system aims to provide personalized assistance tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

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Ask will automatically retrieve relevant information from Apple’s internal knowledge base to answer the question. For example, when a customer asks “Customers are unable to update their devices to iOS 13.7. What can I do?”, this tool will automatically provide a comprehensive answer based on the content in Apple’s support documents.

The AppleCare customer service user can rate the response as “helpful” or “not helpful” so that Apple can further improve the feature. Advisors may ask up to five additional questions on each topic. Apple said it plans to make the tool available to more customer service customers in the future after gathering feedback.


The introduction of the “Ask” tool by Apple marks a significant step forward in improving customer service. The company aims to do this by leveraging the integration of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies. By using advanced algorithms and knowledge databases, the tool empowers customer service staff. It helps them provide more efficient and personalized support to users by answering their technical queries with accuracy and relevance. The ability to automatically generate comprehensive answers based on user questions demonstrates Apple’s commitment to using cutting-edge solutions to improve user satisfaction and streamline support processes. As Apple gathers feedback and refines the tool further, it promises wider adoption, potentially transforming customer service interactions across the company’s ecosystem.

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