There is no disputing that Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there out there. Actually, currently dominates the market with a subscriber share of 30.6% as of last report. However, there are some things Spotify needs to work on.

These are the aspects in which Apple Music is doing better and why I made the switch. Do you want to know who they are? Well, that’s the purpose of this discussion. Let’s give You a fitting summary of why you should try Apple Music if you currently use Spotify.

First, let’s discuss what makes Spotify ideal for many

While I found Apple Music to be a better fit for me, Spotify remains a fantastic music streaming service for many users. Here are some reasons:

A social media-like experience

If you crave a social aspect to your music experienceSpotify reigns supreme. Sharing playlists with friends, collaborating on Discover Weekly playlists, and following artists for updates are just some of the features that make Spotify a social hub for music lovers.

Referrals after referrals

Spotify’s recommendation engine is powerful. Their Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists are legendary. You can discover hidden gems and get to know new favorites you’ll love.

Free level

I can not win free right? Spotify’s free tier, despite occasional ads, offers a huge library of music, podcasts, and personalized playlists. This making it a fantastic option for casual listeners or those on a budget.

Wider compatibility

Name a device and Spotify is probably there. From smartphones and laptops to smart TVs and gaming consoles, the application available everywhere. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy your music anywhere, anytime.

Now, let’s get back to why I switched

Good points aside, let’s now talk about the reasons that made me switch:

Spotify now looks more like social media

One of the biggest reasons why I made the change is Spotify’s growing resemblance to social media. Yes, accidental video overlay was not a problem. But the constant stream of short videos and search results on my home screen became overwhelming.

sure, some may find these videos a fun way to discover new music. But for me, they were a distraction. Social media is great, but the new user interface looks less like a music streaming platform. I didn’t appreciate the feeling of losing control of my music experience with a constant video bombardment. Apple Music, on the other hand, keep the experience as refined as it should be.

After all, when I open a music streaming app, I want to focus on the music, not fight for attention against flashy bells and whistles.

New Spotify interface

You get more value with Apple Music

Rising subscription costs are already a reality for most streaming services. So price is no longer a major concern. With Spotify, however, you get It is does not provide value, especially when Apple Music is considered.

vice versa in the day, Spotify offered a simple solution: skip the songs and ditch the ads. lately it seems the focus has shifted to features that people don’t need or want. These additions came at the expense of a clean and user-friendly experience.

Value is subjective and sometimes means making compromises. But for me, Apple Music offered a package that better suited my priorities: focus on the music, minus the clutter.

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Spotify HiFi still works

Beyond interface and value, another key a factor in my switch was the sound quality. Spotify offers different tiers depending on your subscription. But even the top tier falls short of Apple Music.

Apple Music features lossless audio ranging from CD quality all the way through to formats surpassing CDs. This means richer, more nuanced listening. Fine details and tools shine in Apple’s offering. On top of that, Apple Music includes Dolby Atmos spatial audio. This creates a more immersive and dynamic soundscape.

Now, sound quality can be subjective. But to me the difference was undeniable. The music on Apple Music sounded “better” to my ears, offering a truer reproduction of the original recordings. Spotify may improve its offerings in the future, as the HiFi level really seems almost complete. But for now, Apple Music reigns supreme in the audiophile realm.

Apple Music lossless audio

Better interface

Apple Music’s interface also played an important role in my decision. Compared to Spotify, it feels streamlined. Recently released songs and playlists are correct displayed, making them easy to access. This focus on core functionality makes navigating the app easy.

Some users enjoy Spotify’s social features. However, I found the extra right sidebar distracting. Even with the option to hide him, his presence felt unnecessary. Apple Music’s clean layout resonates more with my desire for a focused music experience.

Apple Music on iOS 17.2

Spotify’s recommendation system seems more like a double-edged sword

While Spotify boasts a robust recommendation system, about me, became a double-edged sword. Sure, it’s great to discover new music, but the sheer volume of offerings often leads to a form of “listening overload.” I found myself spending way too much time researching referrals. I even went down rabbit holes with music I didn’t particularly care for.

Sometimes less can be more. Apple Music’s recommendation system may not be that comprehensive. But I appreciate the more prepared approach. This allows me to be more intentional with my listening time by focusing on music i like. Thisin turn, it improved my focus when using the app, allowing me to multitask.

Spotify Music Video has been released in beta for premium users

Apple Music makes it easy to customize your library

One unexpected benefit of Apple Music was its seamless integration with mine personal music library. In Spotify, importing downloaded songs can be a hassle. Apple Music felt refreshingly familiar. Reminders on the good old days of itunes adding my personal assembly was a breeze.

This is especially useful for niche genres or specific songs. For example, if I use lo-fi beats to edit a video, I can import them into my Apple Music library for easy access. This ability to combine streaming and personal collections creates a more flexible experience.

Apple Music

Although both Spotify and Apple Music have their advantages, about me, the switch was a positive one. The superior sound quality, streamlined interface and the ability to integrate my personal library have contributed to a more enjoyable way to experience music. If you’re looking for a platform that prioritizes audio fidelity, focuses on core functionalities, and allows for personalized music curation, then Apple Music might be worth a try.

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Apple Music vs Spotify: Why I Made the Switch