The iPhone maker plans to launch an electric car in 2024

As electric vehicles take the world by storm, many large corporations board the train to take advantage of the opportunities for growth in space. The latest of these is US-based technology giant Apple.

According to a TechCrunch report, the technology giant has contacted veteran Ford CEO Desi Uikashevich.

The iPhone maker plans to launch an electric car in 2024.

Numerous reports claim that Uikashevich, Ford’s global safety director, will join Apple to help it develop a fully electric autonomous vehicle. Ujkashevich joined Ford 31 years ago and works in a variety of disciplines, including electric car development. She has also worked on a number of Ford and Lincoln SUVs, as well as Ford Fiesta and Focus compact cars.

Uikashevich could help Apple navigate the regulatory hurdles the company faces in testing self-driving prototypes on public roads, TechCrunch reports.

“Her experience in engineering and safety protocols can also help Apple in its project,” the report said. The iPhone maker has partnered with a South Korean company to develop an autopilot chip for its car. According to TheElec, Apple has partnered with South Korean semiconductor assembly and testing company (OSAT) to develop autopilot technology for its car.

Apple is reportedly taking a similar path to Tesla. Elon Musk, an electric car company that used its autopilot chip, used Samsung’s memory to assemble Jcet Stats Chip Pac Korea.

Apple Car is also expected to use LED screens throughout the vehicle to inform other drivers of what the self-driving system is doing. The display will show information about the brakes, the speed of the car and other messages in the form of graphics, as well as video.

The upcoming Apple Car is expected to use a C1 chip based on the A12 Bionic processor, with capabilities for artificial intelligence in the cabin, such as eye tracking.

Apple Ropes In Ford Veteran To Realise EV Dreams

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