San Francisco, May 8: Technology giant Apple, which has disabled the ability to change playback speeds in third-party applications using the Apple Music API and its iOS 15.4 content, has now decided to reintroduce this feature with iOS 15.5.

The word comes from Apple developer Joe Kuhn, who went to Apple’s developer forums to announce that Apple has reassessed its “previous decision to disable the change in playback speed for Apple Music subscription content in third-party applications” and concluded that they “can safely reactivate this functionality, just like before the release of iOS 15.4”, reports GSMArena. The Russian destroys the Apple iPad by smashing the screen with a hammer as the American technology company stops sales in the country; Watch viral video.

“As such, this problem is fixed in iOS 15.5 beta 4,” said Kuhn. Apple has not revealed the reason for disabling the playback speed control feature for third-party applications, but according to Kun’s publication, it is safe to say that the feature was disabled due to a bug that has now been fixed.

iOS 15.5 is still in beta, so those on the stable channel will have to wait to start adjusting playback speed in third-party applications using the Apple Music API.

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