Apple is extremely late with the folding game, but probably because the technology giant wants to make its first iteration as close to perfection as possible. To do this, a new report claims that the company is working on a new OLED screen that is specifically made for folding form factors.

Without a polarizing layer, the new OLED panel will become more flexible, which will allow Apple to use it in other products

In addition to developing tandem OLED technology with two stacks, The Elec reports that Apple is working on a version of the panel that removes the polarizing layer, which not only gets rid of its hardness, but offers other benefits. For example, the requirement of a polarizing layer reduces the brightness levels and increases the power consumption of the panel, which reduces the life of the device.

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As the polarizing layer also requires additional space for use, manufacturers will have to make significant internal changes to the rest of the device to allow the addition of more components, which is added to the cost book. It is not clear who Apple is working with to develop this new OLED panel, but Samsung was the first to develop the flagship flagship technology of the current generation, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Instead of using a separate layer, Samsung printed a color filter directly on the base TFE or thin-layer encapsulation layer. Although it is not clear when we will see Apple’s new display in future products, the details of this OLED panel clearly show that it is designed for the folding range of iPhone and folding iPad of the technology giant. If we’re lucky, a 20-inch folding MacBook may arrive in a few years.

The report does not specify whether the absence of a polarizing layer will reduce the production costs of the OLED panel, so if we assume that it does, Apple could evaluate its first folding product at a competitive price. On the other hand, as this is the company’s first attempt to enter the folding market, we believe that Apple will try to generate revenue from the launch as much as possible.

News source: Elek

Apple Working on an OLED Panel Without a Polarizing Layer, Making It Flexible and Ideal for Foldable Devices

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