Apple adheres to strict measures to control the quality of its products. This means that if a supplier wants successive orders from the technology giant, which could mean a lucrative financial period for that supplier, it must maintain an almost flawless record for mass production of certain parts. BOE, a display maker, may not have read the note carefully, as it was reportedly caught cutting corners with iPhone 13 displays, causing it to lose orders for the iPhone 14.

BOE apparently changed the width of the transistor circuit on the iPhone 13 display to save production costs

A deal worth 30 million orders for iPhone 14 displays may have failed this month for BOE, as The Elec reports that the Chinese display maker has cut corners with iPhone 13 panels. Details say the company has changed the width of the thin-film transistor circuit on the iPhone 13’s display without informing Apple. BOE’s CEO was later sent to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to clarify the incident, but the report said neither the CEO nor the company had received any orders for the iPhone 14.

IPhone 14 cases are shown in four variants, two of which show a massive cutout on the rear camera, hinting at remarkable improvements

With the iPhone 14 series expected to launch in September, Apple needs to make adjustments to the display supply chain now that it has removed BOE from the list. With that in mind, the 30 million display orders are likely to be split between LG and Samsung. Samsung may be tasked with delivering 6.1-inch orders for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro to Apple, along with 6.7-inch orders for the iPhone 14 Max, while LG says it will fulfill the rest for the 6.7-inch. inch iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The Pro versions can once again get exclusive LTPO OLED technology, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will retain LTPS panels such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. It is unknown whether Apple will add BOE again after the latter was caught, or will be open to the idea of ​​adding another provider. In short, this incident will serve as a warning to potential partners not to cheat with orders, or will have serious consequences.

News source: Elek

Apple Display Supplier BOE May Lose out on 30 Million iPhone 14 Orders as the Company Was Reportedly Caught Cheating

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