After a turbulent period with a supply chain disruption and pandemic economic challenges, Apple’s smartphone market share grew to stand out from the competition. Over the past year, US technology giants have seen the highest growth in market share, while removing the dominance of the closest competitors such as Samsung.

Data presented by Burga shows that Apple’s global market share for smartphones has grown by 20% between 2021 Q1 and 2022 Q1, from 15% to 18%. Samsung recorded the second largest growth in market share of 9.09%, from 22% to 24%. Although Apple has the highest profits, the US technology giant lags behind Samsung in overall global market share.

Other smartphone makers saw their market share drop by Oppo and Vivo, both by 20%. Xiaomi’s share also fell by 7.14%, while the share of other manufacturers fell by 3.57%.

Apple is growing despite relatively expensive smartphones

The study seeks to explain how Apple has managed to reverse the scale and record growth in market share, given that other competing manufacturers offer devices at low prices. According to the research report:

“Interestingly, Apple is gaining market share, although the company’s smartphones are generally considered expensive compared to competitors. It can be assumed that the devices become more attractive as the company uses its loyal customer base, which is attracted by the regular new features of the devices and the overall innovative design.

In the coming quarters, the market share of smartphones is likely to shift depending on how companies respond to factors such as semiconductor shortages. Manufacturers who will adopt mitigation measures, such as designing their own semiconductors, are likely to be at the top.

In addition, there will potentially be manufacturers who will adapt to new trends such as designing budget-specific devices focused on specific markets.

Apple’s Global Smartphone Market Share Surges 20% YoY

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