According to Burgas, it is obvious that Apple seems to be lagging behind Samsung in the overall global market share. Looking in detail, the market jump has risen to 20% in the last year for the former, while the latter is second with growth from 22% to 24%.

Unfortunately, other smartphone makers have seen their market share decline. Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi remain a few companies that declined, while other manufacturers declined in their share.

The report explains in detail how Apple continues to grow despite relatively expensive smartphones. According to the report, “Interestingly, Apple is gaining market share, although the company’s smartphones are generally considered expensive compared to competitors. It can be assumed that the devices become more attractive as the company uses its loyal customer base, which is attracted by the regular new features of the devices and the overall innovative design.

In response to the shortage of semiconductors in the coming quarters, there will still be a change in the market based on the reaction of companies. Manufacturers who are willing to adopt mitigation measures and new trends may emerge at the top.

Apple’s Global Smartphone Market Stands Out

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