Apple has changed its self-repair program in ways that make it a terrible option for consumers, but it can make a lot of sense for enterprise IT – especially those who want to repair iOS devices, whether for proprietary devices or consumer devices. BYOD.

It is worth noting that the need for consumers to always have their phones, combined with the mass distribution of employees in the remote workforce, may make this less attractive. Still, for the non-trivial number of users who are still in large corporate buildings, this is an attractive option.

Let’s start with the fun part, which describes how ridiculously bad these changes are for some. MacRumors I did a wonderful deep immersion in the experience; here are some of my favorite lines.

The repair kit is available in two separate packages and both boxes weigh an incredible 79 pounds.

For some consumers, dealing with such heavy packaging (I want pastry items to resist the urge to call it a “heavy problem”) is a problem. If Apple wants to discourage users from using this service, this is a great start.

You receive it for a week before you have to send it back via UPS, otherwise Apple charges you $ 1300.

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