Computer keyboards are available in many variants, designs, as well as features and benefits. Of course, we are talking about mechanical keyboards, because the classic types of membranes are no longer an option. Mechanical ones have too many advantages and accessibility is no longer an issue either. And if you are looking for an interesting piece with artistic design, then you should definitely take a look recently launched NEWMEN GM1000. As always available at a great price from experts from Mechkeys.

NEWMEN GM1000 definitely stands out from the crowd with its cyan green and dark green design. Designed with the Asian Thousand Mountains theme, it is really stylish and will look great on your table. This is a full-size 100-key keyboard in a compact design and even equipped with RGB lights and 20 built-in flash effects. The switches have a hot-swappable PCB design and support both three and five pin switches. So you can choose from some very high-end options, such as the Gateron Pro and Kailh Box switches. Triple connection modes include Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless and USB Type-C, so there are many options. In addition, you get quite a long battery life and wide compatibility, including devices with Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

This already sounds pretty good, but it can get even better by looking at the price. Because you can find NEWMEN GM1000 right now for only $ 95 at Mechkeys. So check if you are looking for a sturdy mechanical keyboard with an attractive design.

Artistic mechanical keyboard NEWMEN GM1000 launched for just $95

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