ASC International, a leading manufacturer of 3-D solder paste inspection (SPI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, is pleased to announce that the VisionPro Merlin Benchtop API System is a completely new, significantly improved system. This is a constantly evolving system tailored to the needs of ASC customers.

VisionPro Merlin sets the standard for the most valuable packaged AOI solution on the market today.

Based on many years of experience in the electronics industry, the Prey Merlin and Falcon AOI systems, powered by Detec2, are designed to offer ASC customers what they want and need, while reducing costs and simplifying deployment.

ASC Merlin AOI

Merlin offers a competitively priced solution that makes full verification capabilities available on almost any budget without sacrificing functionality and ease of use. ASC systems are optimized for remote maintenance to enable the company to receive quick responses from its customers, which means that their production process can have maximum uptime.

The desktop testing system, Merlin, offers all the capabilities of the machines at more than twice the price. Using a 5MP camera with a resolution below 8um XY, the system allows you to check almost any component and function. Laser sensor for measuring the height of coplanarity of components and wires. Robust yet flexible universal carrier system gives the user the flexibility to quickly place a PCB measuring up to 460 mm x 360 mm, grip it and check at the touch of a button. When finished, the PCB returns to the load point, ready to load on the next PCB.

Merlin includes standard full reading of 1D and 2D barcodes to offer a fully traceable solution that can be combined with the user-friendly Prey processing package. It combines excellent mechanical stability with the latest 64-bit software and Windows 10/11 operating system to provide one of the truly unique verification solutions found everywhere in today’s global marketplace.

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ASC International announces improved VisionPro Merlin Benchtop AOI System

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