Atlassian launches a raft of updates including new smart connections and unified administrative controls, and a new subscription service for its work management and collaboration products—Trello, Confluence, Atlas, and Jira Work Management.

The company also announced that Atlas, a directory for teamwork that was introduced at Atlassian ’22 in April of this year, will be generally available from mid-October.

The announcements were made Thursday at the company’s inaugural work management event, Atlassian Presents: Work Life.

Due to the accelerating pace of Digital transformation over the past few years, many companies are now struggling to cope with the resulting growth of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, said Erica Trautman, product manager for work management at Atlassian.

She said that to manage some of the chaos, there has been a subsequent rise in pressure for a “one-size-fits-all solution” that would have everyone in a company using the same work management tool with a single set of administrators controls and a single set of acceptance workflows.

“The problem we’ve seen, though, is that these tools fundamentally fail to scale,” Troutman said, adding that the moment a one-size-fits-all solution becomes inflexible or fails to support your teams to get their work done, employees will simply go and adopt whatever else helps them, leaving companies back to square one.

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