Atma, an Indonesian startup company that wants to make job search less painful, announced today that it has raised $ 5 million in pre-financing, led by AC Ventures, with Global Founders Capital. Strategic investors in the circle included the founders and CEOs of GoTo Group, Advance Intelligence Group, Ula, Lummo, Kopi Kenangan, Sampoerna Strategic, MMS Group and Xiami.

The funds will be used for recruitment, with plans to expand Atma’s staff from about 30 employees to 100, develop products and launch a strategy.

The platform targets the lower and middle income segment of the working age population in Indonesia or people earning less than IDR 10 million per month (or about $ 700 USD). Atma says up to more than 100 million people in Indonesia fall into this category.

Eddie Tan, co-founder and CEO of Atma, previously served as vice president of driver revenue at Gojek.

Tan told TechCrunch that part of his responsibilities at GoJek include improving drivers’ livelihoods in a sustainable way. At the height of the pandemic, drivers’ incomes fell by an average of 80%. As a result, Tan began looking for another way for drivers to make money. During this time, he said: “I have found that drivers usually want more income stability than higher incomes. Intrigued, he began to look at the landscape of economic opportunities for the lower and middle income segment.

“It soon became clear to me that the labor market for the lower and middle income segment was fundamentally shattered and ripe for innovation, with most jobseekers describing their job search experience as emotionally traumatic, and companies often describing their job search experience. of candidates as a random walk, “he said.

For job seekers, Atma creates a mobile application. When they start applying for a job, jobseekers will go through a screening process, including their qualifications, skills and cultural background. The Atma app will also provide them with real-time job application updates so jobseekers don’t suffer from ghosts once they apply. For employers, Atma facilitates the hiring process by using data to screen, evaluate and sort candidates so that they know the best people to interview.

Atma will also include community functions, such as career development programs, mutual learning and the opportunity to meet other job seekers.

Atma wants to make job hunting in Indonesia easier

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