Electrobeat announced the first automotive-grade real-time embedded operating system (OS) and hypervisor for the new AURIX TC4x microcontroller (MCU) from Infineon Technologies AG. The EB rocks AutoCore OS and the new EB tresos Embedded Hypervisor enables OEMs and Tier 1s to more easily develop and deploy automotive E/E architectures based on the AUTOSAR Classic standard, helping to accelerate the development of next-generation vehicles.

Elektrobit today announced the first automotive real-time embedded operating system (OS) and hypervisor for the new AURIX TC4x microcontroller (MCU) from Infineon Technologies AG.

The transformation to domain- and zone-based E/E architectures is driving automakers to consolidate ECUs, keeping the total number low to save power while adding more functionality and applications. Applications can be combined using the EB tresos Embedded Hypervisor into multiple virtual machines on a single MCU. Thus accelerating innovation and meeting emerging consumer demands.

EB tresos AutoCore OS is an embedded multi-core real-time operating system that implements the AUTOSAR standard and all its scalability classes. The EB tresos Embedded Hypervisor enables multiple instances of the OS stack and AUTOSAR to run in parallel on a single MCU uses new virtualization features of the Infineon AURIX TC4x MCU, saving costs and reducing update efforts. It allows an application – such as on-board diagnostics (OBD) – to run separately from other MCU applications to avoid recurring homologation costs and delays if updates are needed for that application.

“Given the increasing complexity of the vehicle, we have placed a significant focus on collaboration with the best software partners,” said Thomas Schneider, Senior Director Software, Partner and Ecosystem Management, Infineon. “Electrobit is our long-standing and respected partner. His expertise in AUTOSAR and in software development for the AURIX TriCore architecture – including the new EB tresos Embedded Hypervisor – provides our customers with a competitive advantage as they develop E/E architectures for their next-generation vehicles.”

Aimed at a wide range of automotive applications, including the strong demand for functional integration in domain- and zone-based E/E architectures, the new AURIX TC4x supports both eMobility and the advancement of automated driving through safety systems. Infineon’s AURIX TC4x offers enhanced connectivity, including advanced safety and security. The AURIX TC4x family of 28nm MCUs is in trial now with mass production products expected to be available in Q2 2024.

“Elektrobit is proud to be the first to provide an operating system and hypervisor that enables automotive manufacturers and Tier 1s to take advantage of the innovations in the new AURIX TC4x MCUs,” said Michael Robertson, Head of Products and Strategy, Elektrobit. “EB tresos and the new AURIX TC4x are the perfect match for OEMs and suppliers looking to develop ECU software applications based on the Classic AUTOSAR standard.”

Aurix TC4x MCUs get automotive-grade RTOS, hypervisor