Axiologic continues its deliberate march forward to the middle class in the state market with the acquisition of Data Intelligence Technologies.

DIT is a company based in Tysons, Virginia, focused on the intelligence market and specializing in data science, radio frequency and signal intelligence processing, data analysis and cybersecurity.

While Axiologic has some of its own capabilities in these areas, DIT provides a new customer to acquire intelligence.

Axiologic has fingerprints in the Defense Intelligence Agency and the acquisition of KnowledgeLink in 2021 added customers to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

However, the company’s employees refused to name their intelligence clients, which DIT carries.

“We try to avoid mentioning specific clients, but they are definitely in the intelligence community,” said Thomas Stauber, managing partner at Axiologic.

The DIT website does not list customers. However, the company has several contracts, including the decisions of the Defense Agency for Information Technology Enterprise III, Seaport NXG and data readiness of the joint AI data center for AI data, known as JAIC DRAID.

The acquisition of DIT is part of a strategy that Axiologic has followed since before the acquisition of KnowledgeLink in 2021.

“We are always looking for the right place for where we want to go in terms of opportunities and where we want to go with expanding customers,” Stauber said.

Culture is another important component of the right goal. With DIT Axiologic he saw a lot of things he liked.

“Our focus is to be a leading provider of services in the intelligence community, and the things the DIT does are crucial to the national security infrastructure,” Stauber said.

Axiologic grows to 300 employees and about $ 100 million in annual revenue, 40 of which comes from DIT.

They also see the combination with DIT as presenting opportunities to accelerate organic growth. “This helps us reach a new market together,” said Michael Chavira, also a managing partner at Axiologic.

DIT has identified opportunities and now, as part of Axiologic’s bid and offer development infrastructure, Chavira said they can pursue those opportunities with more confidence.

Axiologic continues to view acquisitions as a catalyst for growth. The focus remains on the intelligence community. While evaluating goals, they seek to expand their customer base as well as add new opportunities or improve existing ones.

“What will the agencies need in the next two to five years?” What do they need to integrate into their infrastructure to anticipate the threats there, “Stauber said of what Axiologic is looking for.

More data science, data analysis and cybersecurity are at the top of their list, said Andy Barata, president of Axiologic.

The company is monitoring the impact that the war in Ukraine may have on the long-term needs of the intelligence community. Early indicators are artificial intelligence and machine learning will only increase in importance.

Customers have growing needs around 5G and radio communications, Barata said.

Axiologic is growing independently so far without the need for the help of a private investment company to finance acquisitions and other investments.

“We are always striving to reach the next level and private capital is an instrument,” Chavira said.

“If the right partner shows up, it’s not on the table, but we’ve come up with a way to grow without attracting a private partner.”

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