Bentley may not have produced any electric cars yet, but it certainly aims to make the first page with its first.

In a recent interview with Car news in Europethe brand’s CEO Adrian Holmark recounted some of the stunning features we can expect to see in the electric car.

Planned for 2025, the Bentley EV will be able to deliver up to 1,400 horsepower and accelerate from zero to 9 km / h. just 1.5 seconds.

If these figures come true, Bentley will destroy both the Tesla Model S Plaid (1020 hp) and the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance (1111 hp) in a race. And keep in mind, these are two of the fastest passenger electric cars on the road, providing 0-60 miles per hour in less than two seconds.

Even more impressive is that the Bentley EV promises to accelerate even 0.35 seconds faster than the Rimac Nevera, the breathtaking electric hypercar with 1914 hp.

For those who feel uncomfortable accelerating at the hypercalc level, there will be an option to reach 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds

But according to Hallmark, this mind-boggling speed will not be the main selling point of the EV. Instead, it will be the car’s “effortless overtaking efficiency” thanks to its instantaneous torque.

Naturally, these specifications will come at a ridiculous price. The chief executive did not disclose official prices, but said at least one variation would cost more than $ 262,000 (250,000 euros).

Before you despair, there is some good news. If Bentley expects this kind of performance by 2025, we could expect more sporty luxury brands like Porsche or Audi to also provide the same figures – if not better.

Their vehicles are usually in the $ 100,000 price range, so this will require selling fewer internal organs.

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