The current landscape of the movie and TV streaming market is generally favorable to anime fans, with the genre now arguably the most prevalent worldwide. And while admittedly streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video might not be the first service anime fans would think to go to, as there are more specialized services available like Crunchyroll and Funimation, it still has a solid anime backlog. , which is more worth checking out and supplementing the respective catalogs of other streamers. Additionally, millions around the world already use Amazon Prime services, making the e-commerce giant’s streaming service a great addition.

There is a large amount of anime to choose from both on TV and in movies, and while Vinland Saga was perhaps Prime Video’s most notable simulcast release in the west, there’s an equally good amount of variety included in the service either to rent or buy.

As accessible as anime has thankfully become since the days of digging for second-hand translations, the genre can still be somewhat confusing to the uninitiated fan. Fortunately, for those interested in a little more anime guidance, we also have guides to the best anime on Netflix and the best anime on Hulu to help round out the list of series and movies available in the space for streaming.

Overview of streaming digital trends

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