One of the best ways to make a fragrant cup of coffee at home is to use a French press. Using the French press is much easier than it seems, and it is a wide variety of brewers to choose from.

One thing to keep in mind is whether your coffee making process can be easily adapted to a particular French press. Then think about the features – do you want a stainless steel cup or a glass cup? You may think you need a little French press because you are the only person who drinks coffee in your house, but what if you make cold coffee?

I personally used and tested a group of the best-selling models in the French press. And after grinding pounds and drinking dozens of cups of Joe, here’s what I learned in my quest to find the best French press a coffee lover could buy. I update this list periodically.

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Bodum Chambord has a classic design of the French press, which has not changed much since it first appeared on the scene in the 50s of last century. However, this model of French press coffee machine makes great coffee that is strong, well balanced and richly flavored. It has a three-part stainless steel filter and a glass carafe, and its steel parts are also available in different finishes. I especially like the bright red version shown here.

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For only about $ 20, Bodum Brazil supplies hot coffee, which is as good as the one made with the company’s more expensive Chambord model. To reduce the cost, Bodum uses plastic instead of steel for some parts of the coffee machine. However, its station is made of borosilicate glass. The coffee I brewed in Brazil was quite strong but balanced.

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The French Veken press is very well equipped given its reasonable price. Inside the French press coffee machine set you will find various tools that you will not see complete with other models of coffee presses: elegant wooden mixing spoon, cleaning stick and battery-powered milk foam for breaking coffee-style drinks, such as latte and cappuccino.

I also like the elegant copper finish of this French press. This really sets it apart from other models I’ve seen. Most importantly, Veken makes extremely delicious cups of coffee.

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The most expensive model in this group, the Frieling stainless steel press, is not cheap. What you get for its high price is the heavy construction of the stainless steel press, which is designed to withstand. Of all the French coffee presses I used, this stainless steel French press felt the most durable. The stainless steel harrow also has an insulated double wall that keeps the coffee hot for hours.

The coffee I made in Frieling came out well, but strong. So if money is not a barrier, this is the French press for you.

We tried a bunch of coffee machines for the French press to find out which ones are the best.

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Others we tested

How we tested them

I test brewers with a French press, similar to standard drip coffee machines. I start with hand washing and drying each product by hand. Then I grind enough coffee beans to meet a certain brewing ratio. For the preparation of a French press, this is 4 ounces of ground coffee to 32 ounces of water.

We test coffee machines for the French press in the same way we test standard drip machines.

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Then I add hot water (203 degrees F, 95 degrees C) or almost boiling water in the boiling chamber, stir the precipitate and let it stand for 4 minutes. Then I run the coffee plunger for each press and pour a sample cup. I then take a sample of the brewed coffee and measure its percentage of the total dissolved solids. I use a pocket reflectometer for this test. From there I can calculate the extraction rate for each batch of coffee I make.

Ideally, the recovery rate of brewed coffee should be in the range of 19% to 22%. Although this number alone does not guarantee a tasty joe, it is a strong indicator for him. In the end, the truth lies in the right taste test.

Percentage of coffee extraction

French press in Bodum Chambord

Bodum Brazil French press

French press at Hamilton Beach

Coffee Gator French Press

Coffee machine for French press OXO Brew Venture


The ideal range is between 19% and 22%.

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