Black Friday 2022 is still a long way off, but if you’re already planning your annual shopping in light of the continuing shortage and supply chain issues, then it’s not too early to start thinking about what you plan to buy this year. This is especially true if you don’t have a Prime membership to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals, as Black Friday (and in addition Cyber ​​Monday) are the only sales that are truly comparable.

And because Black Friday sales are so big and offer discounts on just about anything you can buy with money, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Your preparation here can even help you navigate the upcoming summer sales like Prime Day, if you plan to deal with summer deals. Whatever your reason for being here, however, we support you with this in-depth guide that outlines what we expect to see from Black Friday sales in 2022 and everything else you need to know.

When (and what) is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday is an annual retail event that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on November 24 this year. This means that officially Black Friday 2022 starts on November 25, but the sales themselves usually start earlier – more on that soon. Originally a one-day affair, Black Friday now runs throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving and on Cyber ​​Monday, with many retailers mixing the two sales into a single event.

The beginning of Black Friday is not well known and there are several prevailing theories. In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the 1950s, or probably even earlier. The term “Black Friday” actually also precedes the shopping event, originally referring to the collapse of the gold market in the 19th century, and the pseudonym “Black Friday” usually refers to negative events such as financial crises. It is not clear how the term ultimately refers to Thanksgiving sale, and although it may be something of a misnomer, the name remains and has been part of the common language in the United States since the mid-2nd century.

The origins of Cyber ​​Monday are less unclear. A much newer invention dating back to 2005, this event was originally intended to be the only online analogue of Black Friday, which took place on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Today, however, it’s no surprise to find that most retailers offer their Black Friday and online offerings, so Cyber ​​Monday may also be considered a misnomer. Although many shoppers still flock to regular retail stores to fight for the best deals, you don’t have to do it to shop for Black Friday sales in 2022. You can do it straight. from the comfort of your sofa, and with our management and our current sales coverage, we can direct you to all the best Black Friday offers to save you even more time and money.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday only compete with Amazon Prime Day when it comes to discounts and net sales, so this is one of the best (if not the best) on the best) times of the year to find high-end branded products at the lowest prices you will see.

When do Black Friday sales start?

It is natural to assume that Black Friday 2022 sales will start on Friday (November 25 this year), but nowadays retailers are abandoning their official Black Friday deals on Thursday night in the apparent aim of catching early buyers, who are ready to vegetate on the couch and do a little online shopping with turkey bellies. Many outlets even start their Black Friday sales earlier in the week, so if you’re itching to shop, then you may want to sign up sooner than you think.

Of course, retailers are not ashamed to advertise and tease their Black Friday offers in advance, and savvy shoppers participate in the game (after all, you read this yourself right now, long before the holiday sales season!). We saw this start back in October last year. However, the best Black Friday offers will almost always be used during the sale itself, and retailers have kept the event window tight to create a sense of urgency that will make shoppers waste some money – so as not to missed chance.

Where are the best Black Friday deals?

Not only is Black Friday exclusive to specific retailers (unlike Amazon Prime Day or Walmart’s Days of Deals to name two retailer-specific sales), but it’s no longer even limited to physical stores. Over the last decade, Black Friday sales – once intended to be just a store event, even in the online age – have become more widespread on the Internet. This is good news for pets and anyone else who doesn’t want to risk being trampled to death just to win a new smart TV.

Expect almost every retail store – both regular and online – to hold Black Friday sales. This includes obvious ones such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon, as well as more specialized retailers such as Newegg, Lowe’s and Wayfair. Brands such as HP and Dell also sell Black Friday directly on their own websites, although Apple is usually absent from retail celebrations after Thanksgiving.

Keep in mind that these are just a handful of retailers who are involved in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. It is really possible to throw too wide network when looking for Black Friday deals, so you need to narrow your search so you don’t freeze from decision paralysis. Black Friday is a relatively short sales event (even if many stores offer extended Black Friday offers after the weekend), so time is of the essence. If you’re wondering which retailers are best for specific products, keep reading to see what Black Friday deals we expect for 2022.

What offers for Black Friday can you expect in 2022?

Just as Black Friday sales are not exclusive to retailers, Black Friday deals are not limited to certain product categories. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for, with a discount on Black Friday 2022 sales: This includes clothes, bedding, household and kitchen appliances, the most important things for the office and – of course – expensive electronics.

We ourselves are always the most excited about technology deals and that’s probably why you’re here. You probably also already know that technology and entertainment deals are always largely among Black Friday sales. Discounts of about 30% or even more are quite common during Black Friday, but remember that the hottest and most sought after items, such as Apple products and laptops, are quickly running out. This could be an even more pressing issue this year if current supply chain issues are not resolved when the holiday shopping season arrives.

Not all retailers offer the same types of deals, and since Black Friday sales cover almost every product category, you’ll want to focus on a few stores that have the best deals for what you want. For example, if you need a new computer or want to upgrade your setup, then stores like Best Buy, Walmart, HP, Dell and Newegg are among the best places to shop. laptop deals, Chromebook deals, gaming laptop deals, monitor deals and desktop deals. MacBook deals may be less common, but there are still a few good discounts for select models. This is also true for less exciting things like printer deals.

Merchants, including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Wayfair, Home Depot and Lowe’s, are great places to shop for Black Friday deals on essentials such as appliances, furniture and bedding. We should also not mention Staples as a store for office supplies and electronics. Walmart and Best Buy are the best places to find deals for 4K TV. Amazon also carries some of them, especially models that work with Fire TV software (although you’ll also find them in Best Buy).

Amazon’s choice is a little thinner than other stores when it comes to deals on bigger things like computers and appliances, but it’s a good idea to take advantage of just about everything else. Headphone deals, offers for Bluetooth speakers, offers for tablets, if it is portable and battery-powered, expect to see it on sale here on Black Friday. Amazon also offers big discounts on its own brand products, including Kindle e-readers and tablets, Fire smart TVs and streaming sticks powered by Alexa Echo devices and other smart home products under its Ring, Blink and Eero lines.

If, like many, you are specifically looking for some deals for games coming Black Friday, there will be no better time to shop for them. GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg are the best choices for this and we will certainly see great discounts on everything from new versions of AAA games to the latest consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Black Friday sales too will be one of the few times of the year when you can expect to find any deals for the Nintendo Switch, although they will most likely come in the form of consoles complete with games or accessories, rather than self-reducing the price (but never know for sure until sales start).

Whatever Black Friday deals you have on your radar, just remember to have a plan and be disciplined. If you rush blindly, you may end up with a deal that is not really a good discount on the normal price of the item, or you may get stuck with a last generation item when you wanted the latest model. On the plus side, most retailers have good return policies that extend during the holiday shopping season, so you don’t have to worry too much. The bigger risk is that you will miss the Black Friday deal you have been eyeing since the summer. Make a list, double check it, and bookmark this page because we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Black Friday 2022 information you need.

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