On the occasion of Father’s Day, users were warned about a message running on WhatsApp, which entices to give free crates of beer, but instead steals personal information from a mobile phone. The WhatsApp message with the name – Heineken beer Race for Father’s Day 2022 says that you can win 5,000 bottles of beer for your father.

This message contains a picture of a crate full of beer bottles and a link to a website to enter the contest. Well, this message on WhatsApp is part of a much bigger scam. OnlineAlerts has warned users not to click on this link at all, as this will open a phishing website in front of you that will steal all your personal information.

Read Alert for fraud in WhatsApp! Just one call and the game is over, here’s how

Heineken also warned

At the same time, Heineken clarified that this was a forgery and that no such “competition” had begun on their part. In response to a question on Twitter, the company wrote: “This is a scam. Thank you for raising this for us. Please do not click on this link at all and do not pass it on to others. “

How this scam catches people

As soon as you click on the link provided in this message, a website called Heineken beer Father’s Day contest 2022 opens. In addition to filling in personal information and account credentials, people are also forced to sign up for some unwanted services by picking them up. on a bluff.

Along with this, people are asked to send this message to their 20 acquaintances. In this way, fraudsters receive all your personal information and at the same time their fraud reaches another 20 people.

However, this is not the first time such a scam in the name of Heineken has taken place. Earlier, in 2018 and 2020, people received similar messages on WhatsApp offering similar free beer. At the time, this message was widespread not only on WhatsApp, but also on Twitter and Facebook.


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