Two weeks after the first announcement of the new feature, WhatsApp is already releasing Reactions for all users of the platform. The launch was announced by the CEO of the parent company Meta Mark Zuckerberg through his official Facebook account. The implementation will bring the reaction function to WhatsApp accounts worldwide.

“WhatsApp’s reactions are starting to spread today.” Zuckerberg announced this on his FB page.

“We are including [hands joined emoji] to help spread gratitude and appreciation. More expressions are expected soon, “he added.

The popular messaging platform unveiled a number of new features for users back in April. The message also introduced the Communities feature for administrators to better manage WhatsApp groups. This feature is yet to be implemented. The number of people supported for voice calls on WhatsApp has also been expanded.

The new Reactions feature, launched today, was also part of the April announcement. With this feature, users can respond to specific messages with ease without having to enter an emoji response in a few steps.

With Reactions, users will now be able to choose their favorite emojis to respond to a message with one touch of the message. The feature will work on WhatsApp in the same way that users enjoy other platforms owned by Meta, Instagram and Facebook.

How to use the new reaction feature on your WhatsApp?

  • Users will need to go to the chat in which they want to use the feature
  • Press and hold on the specific message
  • Choose your favorite emojis from the six pop-up suggestions
  • Slide your finger towards the specific reaction
  • Your reaction is sent in the message

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