Spotify promotes The bellBill Simmons in a new role as head of global sports strategy, announced Deadline. Simmons has been working under the umbrella of the streaming service since buying his sports and culture network The bell in 2020. In his new role, we will probably see Simmons expand the current lineup of podcasts focused on the NBA, MLB and NFL, and dive into international territory. We’ve already got a hint of that with shows like Rugby Under with Andy Good, The Great Jim Hamilton and host Andy Rowe.

Spotify’s audience outside the United States is growing – the service is currently available in 178 countries. In fact, the number of its subscribers grew by 2 million in the first quarter of 2022 (although it lost all its Russian subscribers), which it described as “superiority in Latin America and Europe”. Last year the streaming service extended to 86 new countries, with the aim of streaming up to 1 billion users. Earlier this year, Spotify announced it would main partner of FC Barcelona, ​​as well as its official audio streaming partner. Given the fact that no global sports coverage would be complete without football, we will probably see even more of this space. There is no doubt that Spotify’s global audience has an appetite for shows focused on the Premier League, FIFA and the World Cup, as well as other international sports topics.

The Simmons promotion is part of a broader change in Spotify’s executive structure. Parcast co-founder Max Cutler will head Spotify’s content and creators’ partnerships, oversee the originals and lead a whole new division of “creator-focused” content. Julie McNamara will oversee the partnerships in Hollywood studios and works.

In the last Spotify call for winnings, he announced that he had reached a record 422 million global monthly active users. But despite its strong growth, the original fears that Spotify may have bitten more than it could chew with its $ 1 billion investment in podcasts has not faded. While hours listening to a podcast jump to the sky during the pandemic, there is no guarantee that Spotify will be able to maintain this momentum in the future.

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