Bloom and Wild have announced that they will host a series of pop-up stores for the first time, available from May 26 to July 10.

Pop-ups will be located in London, Bristol and Edinburgh and will allow customers to buy both botanical items and household items.

Following the concept of “Blood and Wild at Home”, the stores will offer an exclusive range of plants, best-selling dried followers and a range of vases and flower pots.

The first site at the Dray Walk Gallery in London will be open from 26 to 29 May, while the second site in London will be located in Copeland Park from 16 to 19 June.

Meanwhile, the Bristol pop-up window will be available to Liberty House customers from June 30 to July 3, and the latest site, in Edinburgh, will open a Custom Lane store from July 7-10.

In addition, a team of experts will be available to discuss and share brief views on the upcoming bouquets as part of the company’s new two-week flower subscription.

Bloom and Wild is an online flower delivery company founded by CEO Aaron Gelbard, operating from three local brands in eight markets. In 2021, the business acquired bloomon in the Netherlands and Bergamotte in France.

The company has more than tripled its revenue between the 19th and 22nd financial years and has raised over £ 100 million in equity and aims to increase the team by over 20% in the 22nd financial year.

Bloom & Wild unveils first ever retail pop-ups

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