MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – Americans pay almost double of the petrol pump compared to last year.

High prices affect not only drivers but also boatmen.

The price of ordinary gas is rising significantly, and diesel is even higher. Seeing these numbers rise, the boatmen lose weight.

Charter captain Richard Rutland said, “It’s hard.” Rutland makes his living in the water. He said: “I feel like I’m on each of my travels, somehow, I don’t know, somehow I reach my maximum limit for what I’m comfortable with when it comes to burning fuel every day.”

To offset rising costs, he said he had raised his prices. Rutland said: “Most of everyone just said, hey, we understand and we all deal with it. He continued: “It’s a really hard pill to swallow, you know we have to spend twice as much as last summer.

Recreational boats are also making some changes due to higher prices. Larry Kirby said, “We do less, but we do shorter, shorter, you know, fishing on shore instead of at sea, so that makes it a lot easier and cheaper that way.”

WKRG News 5 asked Kirby how much it cost to fill his boat. He said, “Well, if you have a 50-gallon boat, you’re going to spend $ 250.”

These high fuel costs do not stop boaters or fishing tournaments. Rutland said: “I never want to feel like I’m not doing something as a result of rising gas prices, I want to provide the same experience I’ve always provided.

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