Boka’s range of cereal bars and multi-grain granola with a vegan-friendly promise advertises a new look and feel that emphasizes healthier delicious food and is transparent about what’s in the food.

Boca re-launches its full range of cereal bars and multigrain granola with the promise of vegans and a new look and feel that promotes the front of the green traffic light package.

As the HFSS restrictions take effect in October 2022, Boka said the rebranding will allow consumers to “quickly identify nutritional health benefits” and stand out better.

The new Boka cereal bars are now in Booths and Sainsbury’s stores.

Boka owners say it is “the only grain brand in the UK with all green traffic lights and one of the first to be 100% HFSS compliant”. This is a key advantage for the brand, as competitors seek to reformulate their products to take advantage of promotional opportunities in the store.

Franco Beer, founder of Boka Foods, said: “Our range of cereal bars and muesli demonstrates that being healthy and tasty works. Our sales have grown exponentially over the last 12 months and customer feedback has been incredibly positive.

Our rebrand puts a brighter focus on the front of the green traffic lights, which will help us stand out from the crowd. We have also reformulated our range to be 100% vegan-friendly.

“Consumers are trying to make healthier choices, but unfortunately the snack bar industry is misleading them with confusing added health benefits, different labels and huge amounts of hidden sugar, especially hidden under the” no added sugar “banner. It’s time for a change. “

Boka has spent six years innovating and developing a range of low-sugar, low-fat and low-salt cereal bars that are below 100 calories per bar and, importantly, taste delicious.

The reformulation is in all four Boka cereal bars (30 g); Apple and cinnamon, strawberry, chocolate mallow and caramel. Available at Sainsbury’s, Booths and online at Amazon. Reference price £ 2.45 for 4x30g blocks. Single bars (£ 0.85) also available

Boka Granola includes super-cereals and is available in strawberry and apple and cinnamon and is available in 400 gram cans with an RRP of £ 3.50.

The Boka range is completed with its HFSS-compatible sugar and fat-free mini marshmallows.

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