Boxxe has been awarded “one of Microsoft’s largest UK public sector deals” through a £291 million Ministry of Defense (MO) contract.

The three-year contract – which boxxe claims is one of Microsoft’s biggest UK public sector deals this year – will see boxxe manage the Ministry of Defence’s Microsoft Enterprise Licensing agreement.

The agreement will see boxxe use its Microsoft license and resource management platform to support and manage its operations.

Boxxe has partnered with the Ministry of Defense for 30 years and claims its “deep understanding” of the defense sector means it will be able to respond to service issues with “flexibility and agility”.

The deal is said to also strengthen its relationship with Microsoft, “which is focused on delivering modern, sustainable and cloud-centric outcomes for end users.”

Rob Hennessy, head of defence, national security and healthcare sales at boxxe, said: “The DoD’s modernization and transformation programs put technology at their heart, and the need to maximize its potential has never been greater.

“Boxxe’s skills, experience and expertise are focused on facilitating this and we are delighted to have this opportunity to further support the Ministry of Defence.”

The distributor says it will work with the DoD team to “ensure every department can benefit from this valuable investment.”

“Available to other defense customers, boxxe’s investment in specialized services and products such as digital defense continues to drive digital transformation across organizations, enabling teams to leverage technology in a uniquely user-friendly and convenient way,” said the company.

Said Boxxe’s newly appointed CRO, Graham Long CRN earlier this month he believed the UK distributor space was “poised for some disruption”. He said that boxxe is ready to take on the goliaths of the industry and expand into the enterprise customer space.

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