Ethical manufacturer Morgan Innovation & Technology today announced its certification as a B Corporation (or B Corp), joining a growing group of companies reinventing business, pursuing purpose as well as profit.

Morgan, whose stated goal is to positively impact 1.5 million lives by 2025, has been certified by B Lab, the nonprofit organization behind the B Corp movement, as meeting rigorous social and environmental standards that represent its commitment to goals out of shareholder profit.

B Corp certification addresses the overall operations of a business and covers five key impact areas of management, workers, community, environment and customers. The certification process is rigorous, requiring applicants to reach a benchmark score of over 80 while providing evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices related to energy supply, waste and water use, workers’ compensation, diversity and corporate transparency.

Nigel Clarke, chief executive of Morgan Innovation & Technology and son of company founders Sue and Howard Clarke, who were both awarded an MBE for services to engineering and business earlier this year, said: “I am very pleased to announce, that we are now a certified B Corp, joining a global community that uses business as a force for good.

Nigel Clarke, CEO of Morgan Innovation & Technology and son of company founders Sue and Howard Clarke

I started looking at B Corp a few years ago because I thought a lot of what we were trying and achieving at Morgan was worth bragging about. Our ethos has always been to develop only those products that will have a positive impact on society, bringing new ideas to the market while ensuring a fair return for both parties. Our focus is not simply on the bottom line, but on whether we can make a positive impact on society while running a successful business, and for this reason we decided to apply for a B Corp.

There is still a huge amount that I think we can improve as we grow in the coming years, and that will always be our driver to become an even better business for ourselves and our community of stakeholders. I am deeply grateful to everyone at Morgan for their dedication to making it the company I am proud to be a part of”.

Rebecca Quest, Clinical Advisor at Morgan Innovation & Technology, echoed Nigel’s delight, “I know the team has worked incredibly hard to collate all the information needed to achieve this certification. Of course we are used to working to the highest standards as our customers rightly demand nothing less, but to have this spirit spread throughout the organization in everything we do is a testament to the culture that Sue and Howard created and which continues today. I see this daily in the way each team member engages with our customers, suppliers and the wider community both in our work and in our many charitable and environmental activities.

Morgan Innovation & Technology is now part of a community of 5,575 companies worldwide that are certified as B Corps. Representing a broad cross-section of industries and sizes, the UK B Corp community consists of over 950 companies and includes well-known brands such as The Guardian, innocent, Patagonia, The Body Shop and organic food pioneers Abel & Cole.

Chris Turner, CEO of B Lab UK, says: “We are delighted to welcome Morgan Innovation & Technology to the B Corp community. It is a movement of companies that are committed to changing the way business operates and believe that business can truly be a force for good. We know Morgan will be a fantastic addition to the community and will continue to move the conversation forward.”

“We are delighted to have B Corps of all shapes and sizes as part of our community – from startups to multinationals and across many different industries. Business is a powerful force and B Corps demonstrates that you can do good in any sector. Welcoming Morgan Innovation & Technology is an exciting time as they have the opportunity to lead the way in the manufacturing industry. We and the rest of the B Corp community are really pleased to support Morgan in paving the way for a new way of doing things.

“Being able to welcome Morgan Innovation & Technology to the B Corp community is extremely exciting. Their commitment to doing business differently will be an inspiration to others and really help spread the idea that we can redefine success in business to be as much about people and the planet as it is about profit”.

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