(WHTM) – US Senate race in Pennsylvania between Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick stays too close to call.

As of 9 a.m. Wednesday, Oz is up by less than 4,000 votes, with 99 percent of the vote going to the community.

Oz, the former famous television doctor, was approved by former President Donald Trump, but did not receive the support of some conservatives who questioned his connections in Hollywood and whether he was from Pennsylvania.

If the race comes within 0.5%, the State Department will order a recount of the ballots, but the timing of the recount is unclear.

Cathy Barnett, who rose in popularity in the last week of the race, remains in the far third on Tuesday night with more than 270,000 votes late at night. Barnett said before the election closed that she will not support the Republican candidate.

Carla Sands and Jeff Bartos voted in single figures to finish in the top five.

Sean Gale and George Bocheto are down 2% on Wednesday morning.

In the primary election of the Democratic Senate, Governor John Fireman won with nearly 59% of the vote hours after undergoing a procedure to implant a defibrillator with a defibrillator after a stroke over the weekend.

Feterman is expected to fully recover and not suffer from cognitive impairment, according to a statement over the weekend.


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