The Spanish-based Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) has fulfilled the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes to improve performance in its network of values.

The company has completed the migration of solutions and data to the Dassault platform as part of its technology strategy.

The Dassault platform is expected to help CAF accelerate the time to market of its rolling stock, wheels, and traction and communication systems.

It will use the platform to improve design and engineering, data management and global efficiency.

Lawrence Montanari, Vice President of Transport and Mobility at Dassault Systèmes, said: “The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables CAF to improve collaboration, master complexity and support all stakeholders to quickly design and optimize mobility for comfort, safety and sustainability.

Dassault noted that nearly 1,200 users at CAF and its suppliers can now collaborate on a single business experience platform to ensure digital continuity and access to a single source of information.

Using the platform, CAF can quickly search, retrieve and reuse design information in a variety of product configurations.

It will also help accelerate decision-making with an automated and integrated change management process and will also use virtual twins and virtual reality to validate prototypes with clients.

CAF PLM Director Sergio Heras said: “The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is transforming our internal design and engineering and the way we have access to product definition outside of engineering.

“Having a fast and reactive organization and technology allows us to effectively meet thousands of different requirements for projects with innovative products with high added value.”

Earlier this month, CAF won a contract with Spain-based Metro de Granada (Granada Metro) to supply eight new units for the single light rail line in the city of Granada.

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