Parkers IQAN-G12 is a CAN gateway module that uses Bluetooth wireless technology for on-site or remote IQAN system diagnostics.

The new IQAN-G12 offers faster download speed, increased connection range and greater security than the previous module it replaces, the IQAN-G11, making access to machines on site easier, faster and more cost-effective Than ever.

Parker’s IQAN-G12 gateway enables affordable communication with IQAN head units in vehicle, construction and special vehicle control systems. Benefits of the IQAN-G12 include faster diagnosis and troubleshooting, as well as increased security. Compared to the previous model, the new IQAN-G12 offers more than four times faster download speed, an increased connection range of up to 30 meters and improved security by maintaining a pairing between the G12 gateway and the Bluetooth device it connects to. The IQAN-G12 is prepared for CAN FD (CAN Flexible Data Rate) communication, allowing further speed increases in the future.

The IQAN-G12 transmits diagnostic data from the IQAN system to the user’s smartphone or tablet using the user-friendly IQANgo service application, or to a PC running IQANrun service and maintenance software. This gives access to machine diagnostics both on-site and remotely.

Fast diagnostics and data transfer make real-time measurement, parameter setting and application updates quick and easy. Indeed, the IQAN system offers exceptional added value as access to the machine is possible anywhere there is mobile phone coverage. Therefore, service technicians are better prepared and can resolve issues faster, saving time and providing improved service to end users.

The compact and lightweight module design promotes easy installation in the vehicle interior or on an exterior panel. In addition, the rugged design of the IQAN-G12 is ideal for harsh environments, with a weatherproof construction suitable for outdoor use. Capable of operating in operating temperatures from -30 to +70°C, the IP6K9K rated molded plastic housing provides protection against water and dust ingress.

Parker’s IQAN-G12 is backwards compatible with its predecessor, the IQAN-G11, featuring the same pin configuration and form factor. IQANdesign software version 6.08 and the latest IQANgo app are required to access the new IQAN-G12 functionality.

CAN gateway module that uses Bluetooth for system diagnostics on-site or remotely

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