Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a real emergency? Tap or click here for 18 must-have items to help you survive any crisis.

Not every disaster happens at home. You never know when you will encounter something terrible with only your smartphone in hand.

To help you in an emergency, our sponsor ExpressVPN create a list of basic applications. Keep reading for a list of invaluable safety apps for any unexpected disaster.

1. First Aid: American Red Cross

The first aid app is like holding a small doctor in your pocket to help you with everything from suffocation to wound dressing. Here are some tools that come with it:

  • A huge directory of common emergency scenarios, all complete with everything you need to know to resolve them.
  • The built-in 911 call buttons do the dialing for you.
  • Test activities that allow you to improve your knowledge before an emergency occurs.
  • Preparation guides and lists of what you will need.
  • Tons of additional reading content, including safety tips and best practices.

It is always worth being prepared, and the urgent decisions here come straight from one of the most renowned names in the game. This app is available for free at iOS and Android.

2. What3words

This application simplifies the act of triangulation anywhere in the world, without long strings conveying the exact latitude and longitude of the area in question. How useful is this? Reviews of the site mention how emergency workers can use the app to quickly find a victim or accident.

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The whole map is divided into squares of three meters in height and length and works wherever you go. You never know what will happen there. This is a great safety net to have in your back pocket. What3words is available for free at iOS and Android.

3. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

What does PTT mean? Push-to-talk, just like your favorite pair of walkie-talkies from years past.

Those were good times, and now you can download a virtual, offline walkie-talkie application that provides the same. Because it can be used offline, you can use it to communicate with your group or family when exploring a remote place or foreign city.

This application can support channels up to 6,000 people at a time. The possibilities are endless, especially for someone who is at the forefront of disaster relief efforts, volunteer groups, or even just a big event or gathering. The Zello app is available for free at iOS and Android.

4. Convenient safety

If you have a loved one who lives as a retiree or even a friend or family member who lives alone with a compromising medical condition, this app covers you.

Snug Safety allows you to check the most important people in your life. More than 1 million checks are currently in the brand’s books. The app automatically triggers an emergency plan if the person on the other side appears to be in danger.

Snug has a free plan that alerts emergency contacts if someone doesn’t register in their regular time. The premium plan is $ 99 per year or $ 9.99 per month. Snug Safety is available at iOS and Android.

5. Offline Survival Guide (Android only)

This app is exclusively for Android, and the military-style user interface is for much more than just a show.

  • Information on everything from finding food to building shelter from nothing.
  • Basic medical skills such as dealing with bites, stings and other emergencies.
  • Identification of poisonous plants and dangerous animals.
  • Advice and protocol for navigation.
  • Offline access to all of the above from anywhere in the world.

This app is probably what sounds the most fun on this list. This is the perfect app for real emergencies, but it’s also one of the most comprehensive nature survival guides for your next big camping trip.

6. Spyglass

Finally, one of the simplest emergency applications on this list. Spyglass is a compass that uses the power of AR to help you navigate any situation, no matter where you are in the world.

You can save location and keep you from running in circles, as many people would do without a tool like this. Works offline, no Wi-Fi or cellular connection required.

The app is $ 3.99 to download iOS and Android and offers in-app purchases.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a creek, the value these emergency applications offer will be more than obvious. We recommend that you download at least the free versions, as well as each of the other applications The ExpressVPN list.

Bonus: Enable VPN

If you are one of the many people who have several devices that regularly have access to the Internet, you probably know that you need a secure connection to protect sensitive data. The best way to do this is with a virtual private network or VPN.

From traveling around the world to just walking down the street to your favorite coffee shop, your privacy is protected and protected by ExpressVPN.

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6 apps that could make a difference during an emergency

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