Montgomery, Alabama (WIAT) – As Thursday marks the 71st annual National Day of Prayer, candidates vying for the top job in the state say their faith will affect the way they govern.

Hundreds gathered this morning in Montgomery for an annual prayer breakfast.

“It’s probably more important today than ever before we pray for our nation,” Governor Kay Ivey told the crowd.

Ivy and other Republican candidates were vocal in their faith in their campaigns. Candidate Tim James says he believes the country has deviated from fundamental principles rooted in religion, and wants to change that.

“We have forgotten what has happened over these many decades. We have lost this cultural basis, this Judeo-Christian basis. You look at the world and it’s a wreck, “said James.

James says that as governor he would oppose abortion and same-sex marriage and insist on prayer in schools.

“Managers need to get into the authority that has been there all along and regain those rights,” James said.

Candidate Lindy Blanchard says she will be a “megaphone” for Christian values. She says this is especially true when it comes to abortion.

“I look forward to being this governor who will get involved and protect our children immediately and is the strongest in all areas in terms of abortion, against abortion,” Blanchard said.

Blanchard says if elected, she will also push for more transparency in the government, noting that the country ranks fourth in corruption in a 2014 poll.

Alabama’s primary election is on May 24, and the last day to register is May 9.

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