Vision-based sports analysis, training and evaluation of players for the best football clubs in Europe

Football is not only the world’s favorite pastime, but also a multibillion-dollar industry. Individual players can receive millions of dollars in salaries and transfer fees. With so many bets, coaches and scouts need to make the most informed choice of staff and then keep their players in excellent condition. For the most up-to-date real-time empirical data, leading European clubs rely on the solutions of Anton Paar SportsTec skills.lab. By combining sophisticated algorithms with Teledyne FLIR cameras, skills.lab provides coaching staff with a complete holistic view of the player’s capabilities, including detailed information on creating individual training and recovery programs.

To cover the entire field and analyze details such as ball handling time, ball speeds and real-time trajectories
time with distances up to 60 meters, the system uses 10GE Oryx cameras to analyze data and
Grasshopper3 cameras for both recording and interactive live broadcast on 360 ° projection screens.
Read more about these compelling systems and how they use machine vision to help football clubs evaluate and analyze players:

● How skills.lab solutions provide interactive real-time empirical data

● How skills.lab uses a combination of sensor technologies

● Why Anton Paar Sportstec chose Teledyne FLIR for its high quality systems

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Case Study: Vision-Based Sports Analytics for Europe’s Top Football Clubs @TeledyneDS #engineering #endineeringupdate

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