Charities have received funds to help thousands of people in the “heat or eat” dilemma as part of the nearly £ 1 million provided over the past three years by the country’s largest electricity distributor.

A total of 16 projects will share nearly £ 300,000 in funding under the fifth round of UK Power NetworksThe Power Partners scheme, which offers energy advice and practical support to people, including young carers, refugees, vulnerable tenants, people with disabilities and people with mental health problems.

Power Partners was launched by UK Power Networks in 2019 to help local communities’ energy needs and focus on responding to fuel poverty. The electricity distributor delivers safe and reliable supplies to more than eight million homes and businesses in London, East and South East England via a network of 188,000 km of power lines.

Since the launch of the fund, 52 groups have received up to £ 20,000 each for their projects, supporting people who are taking steps to reduce their energy bills, maximize their income and apply for grants, or help organizations make public spaces more accessible. energy efficient through insulation, heating or lighting improvements.

Julia Privitera, Social Sustainability Strategy and Program Manager for UK Power Networks, said: “There are currently many people experiencing fuel poverty whose situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic, increased energy price caps and the cost of living crisis.

“Many are facing real financial difficulties in keeping homes that are difficult to heat warm, so we have focused this circle of Power Partners on targeted support to tackle fuel poverty through charities and community organizations that can help it. provide in the most innovative way and engage with those most in need. We strive to reach as many people as possible, living in vulnerable, low-income and low-energy properties.

“We are working hard with our partners to improve our fuel poverty program every year to maximize its impact on hard-to-reach communities. We look at what has changed for our customers so that we can continue to adapt and make a real, lasting change in people’s lives. ”

Charities awarded funding to fight fuel poverty

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