Google maintains its fast release schedule for Chrome with the promotion of Chrome 123 in the beta channel. This follows last week’s Chrome 122 stable release. The stable release of Chrome 123 is scheduled for March 13, 2024. It will initially be available to a small percentage of users before reaching most people next week. Chrome 123 is expected to bring some interesting features and potentially introduce new features. Let’s explore what’s in store.

Chrome 123 Integrates PDF Reader with Android

The desktop version of Chrome has had an integrated PDF viewer for a long time, automatically opening PDF files from the web without the need to download them first. Now Chrome for Android may also get a similar feature in Chrome 123.

Although the current flag chrome://flags/#android-open-pdf-inline may not yet function once enabled, it is expected to enable PDF viewing. This preview will allow you to open PDF files directly without the need to download them first and then view them in your phone’s default PDF reader. This potential feature could align with Android’s new Jetpack PDF viewer library, making its way to Android 15 natively. This library will allow developers to integrate a PDF viewer directly into their applications.

Android-style media player in Chrome Chrome update

Google is gradually rolling out its Material You design language, which was originally introduced with Android 12 in 2021. As part of a desktop update for its browser, Chrome 123 introduces a new media player that takes inspiration from the one found on Pixel phones. When audio is playing, users will see the familiar squiggly progress bar. Additionally, Google has reorganized the play and cast buttons for a refreshed look.

Tab group sharing is coming to Chrome

In Chrome 123, there are indications that users may soon be able to share entire groups of tabs, not just links. New flags in the browser suggest this upcoming feature. As part of this development, Google is working to achieve consistency of tab group features between Android and desktop. This includes unifying colors, allowing single-tab tab groups, and potentially introducing additional visual indicators that will be shared between desktop and mobile platforms.

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Chrome 123 takes care of unwanted notifications on Android Chrome update

In Chrome 123, Google introduces a new feature that makes it easier to unsubscribe from website notifications. Accidentally subscribing to notifications can happen, and sometimes later you realize that you don’t want constant updates from a certain site. With this update, a new notification unsubscribe option will be available in Chrome, allowing users to eliminate unwanted notifications with one click. This feature can be enabled using the chrome://flags#notification-one-tap-unsubscribe flag. Previously, users had to navigate through a menu of options to disable notifications.

Switching between devices is seamless with Chrome

Google has unveiled a new feature in Chrome 123 that aims to simplify the process of picking up where you left off. By introducing the Tab Refresh option, the browser can display recent tabs from other devices directly on the new tab page. This functionality is available for desktop, Android and iOS. Users have the option to turn off this feature if they do not find it suitable for their preferences.

How to Download Chrome 123 Beta

The new Chrome 123 will be available in a stable version soon. However, if you can’t wait to try out these features first, you can install the Chrome Beta. For desktop you can get it from Chrome website, and for your Android phone it is available on the Play Store. Installing Chrome Beta allows you to explore and try out these features before they make it to the stable version.

It’s worth noting that beta software may include several bugs that may affect your device’s performance. Installing the Beta means you are aware of the risks involved and also know exactly what you are doing. It is always advisable to wait patiently for the final version to avoid unwanted issues with your devices.

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Chrome 123 Update: Bringing an Android-Style Media Player to Desktop