Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. has seen strong growth over the past year and relies on key equipment such as the AAT ExtremeJet for its continued growth. ExtremeJet allows faster and more efficient circuit board cleaning with the added benefit of particle monitoring for Circuit Design Specialties’ medical products department. Circuit Design Specialties provides complete electronic and mechanical assembly services for industrial, military and medical customers.

Initially, the company chose AAT for its quality and excellent service. Now, a year later, Randall Stewart, founder / CEO of Circuit Design Specialties, commented: “I consider ExtremeJet to be one of the most important pieces of equipment we have purchased. AAT has created a workhorse on a machine that will last for years.

For the past year, Circuit Design Specialties has been using ExtremeJet to create the best cleaning experience. Double-acting spray rods combine coherent spray jets that use high impact energy to clean hard areas and flood jets to provide the highest performance with variable board geometry.

With a very experienced multidisciplinary engineering team, Circuit Design Specialties performs all phases of new product introduction, from concept, design, prototyping and production. The company’s manufacturing advantage facilitates design in terms of testability, productivity, cost, and reduced project cycle time.

With ExtremeJet, Circuit Design Specialties benefits from 30 percent more spray bars than standard machines, 50 percent less footprint than comparable competing systems, touch screen operation and programming, password protection, high-energy cleaning and rinsing jets and built-in register process data to USB.

Over the past three decades, Circuit Design Specialties has won the trust of hundreds of small businesses and companies in the United States. For more information visit

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Circuit Design Specialties, Inc. follows up after a year of cleaning with its new ExtremeJet Inline Cleaner

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