The new HASCO clean break cooling program offers users maximum safety when disconnecting. It stands out with its excellent density and durability.

Safe and reliable connection of cooling lines

The innovative cooling system with flat sealing surfaces and closing devices on both sides allows clean opening and closing under pressure without leakage of media.

One-handed quick release couplings with particularly long and precise sealing of the sealing nipple ensure safe and independent connection with maximum flow and only low pressure drop.

Ideal for clean rooms and high temperature applications

The high-quality materials 2.0401 (brass) and 1.4305 (stainless steel) make quick-release couplings strong against vibration and movement. Stainless steel versions are ideal for use in medical applications and clean room technologies.

The connectors are also suitable for high temperature applications, regardless of the cooling medium. They guarantee a reliable and long-lasting production process and complete HASCO’s extensive cooling program.

Clean break cooling rangeĀ #engineering #engineeringupdate

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