Whether it is downstream processes or to ensure the durable and reliable function of the product, the growing demands for purity of particles and film chemical components are increasingly pushing cleaning tasks to a shift towards a clean environment.

For these applications, acp systems has developed the new JetCell-HP, an innovative cleaning box with dry quattroClean snow technology that is specifically designed for use in clean rooms. The compact and digitally controlled solution performs a wide variety of cleaning tasks automatically, both on-line and as a stand-alone device.

In industries such as the medical device sector, pharmacy, optics, sensor and laser technology, metrology, the semiconductor industry, electronics and microtechnology, the purity specifications for parts and components are becoming more stringent. Therefore, there is a growing need to move cleaning processes to a clean environment.

This is because contamination with particles even in the submicrometer range is sufficient to degrade the quality of processes and products, as well as the finest film residues, stains and fingerprints. Appropriately adapted equipment is needed to solve these cleaning tasks in a reliable, scalable, consistent and economical way.

Such a cleaning solution is offered by acp systems AG – its new quattroClean JetCell-HP cleaning cage with snow cleaning technology in a clean room compatible design. The cleaning process is dry and uses climate-neutral carbon dioxide.
The compact cage for flexible automated production is made entirely of stainless steel and has smooth, homogeneous surfaces without external screws.

It can be easily integrated into a connected production line or operated as a stand-alone device. All components and materials of the equipment are aimed at applications in clean rooms. Thanks to the flow-optimized design of the process chamber, the separated contaminants and the sublimated carbon dioxide are removed quickly and efficiently from the integrated extraction unit. This effectively prevents not only re-contamination of the cleaned parts, but also the formation of dirt pockets.

To ensure consistently superior cleaning results, JetCell-HP is equipped with a standard sensor system that continuously measures snow density. The digitally controlled cleaning cell can be easily integrated and controlled by higher-level host computer systems through standardized interfaces. To ensure complete documentation and traceability, all process parameters such as CO2 supply, compressed air supply and jet time are automatically recorded and transferred to the host computer.

QuattroClean technology – purity is achieved through four effects. The key to the excellent cleaning effect of the quattroClean system is the design of the non-wearing, two-part annular nozzle through which the liquid carbon dioxide is fed. This expands on exit to form fine snow crystals, which are then connected by a separate jet of compressed air and accelerated to supersonic speed.

The jet is easy to focus on a specific area. When exposed to the surface to be cleaned, four mechanisms (thermal, mechanical, solvent and sublimation) ensure that particulate and film-chemical contamination is reliably removed. Crystalline carbon dioxide completely sublimes during the cleaning process. Therefore, the surfaces / parts are dry and can be moved immediately to the next production step. The cleaning process is so gentle on materials that it can even be used to clean delicate and finely structured surfaces.

Easy to adapt to different cleaning tasks The quattroClean scalable process adapts easily to different component geometries and can be used for partial or complete surface cleaning. The process is compliant and validated according to the requirements of the client and the application through tests in the technical center of acp. The process parameters defined in this way can be stored in the JetCell-HP management system as part-specific cleaning programs.

In addition to the control system, the full technology for the snow jet process, as well as the media preparation equipment are also integrated in the system housing. The system is put into operation simply by connecting to electricity, compressed air and carbon dioxide (cylinders or tank).

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Cleanroom Compatible Cleaning Cell with quattroClean Technology

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