Do energy efficiency and climate protection matter? Do you want to make your own contribution? But how? For three interns in Rehm heating systems, these questions were answered during the advanced training to become “energy scouts”. For companies, the first priority of climate protection measures is how to save energy. The task of energy scouts is to find hidden potential in the company for greater efficiency. The motto: find ways to save, document them and then put them into practice. This leads to a win-win situation for climate protection, learners and companies.

Participants IHK Ulm Energy Scouts (Source: IHK Ulm).

As part of the work of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Baden-Württemberg to support local businesses with offers and services to improve energy efficiency, the idea of ​​”energy scouts” was developed as a special concept for additional training for apprentices. As “energy scouts” within the companies that train them, their task is to help identify and document the potential for energy savings and to suggest improvements. The focus is on both energy saving and CO reduction2 emissions that will come with reduced energy consumption.

Apprentices attend lectures and seminars and join groups studying various topics to learn the basics of energy use. At the same time, they learn how to solve projects and then communicate in the company and how to accept work packages. Which area is chosen – compressed air, lighting, heating, machine optimization, operational mobility or resource efficiency – is not paramount, as the variety of topics is almost limitless.

Rehm Apprentice Team Award Ceremony: From Left to Right: Ines Hildebrand, Mark Wildermouth, Max Godlewski, Günther Dickman, Mohamed Ali Aslan (Rehm Thermal Systems), Regina Eckard (IHK Ulm)

At Rehm Thermal Systems, the three apprentices from the industrial and commercial departments, who were trained as energy scouts, presented their results at the end of April to the Ulm Chamber of Commerce, where they enjoyed great success. Based on the strength of the content, the presentation, the outcome of the project and the prospects for the future, they won the audience award.

We are pleased that with this project our apprentices have made an important contribution to the company’s sustainability strategy and at the same time, through this independent work, they have managed to develop personally and in terms of their technical skills,“Says Günther Dickmann, Head of QSHE at Rehm Thermal Systems, who initiated and led the project. “We see the qualification of energy scouts as an investment in the future,“He added in conclusion.

About Rehm Thermal Systems

Rehm is a leader in technology and innovation in state-of-the-art, cost-effective production of electronic assembly groups. It specializes in thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaic industries. We are a globally active manufacturer of convection, condensation and vacuum soldering systems, drying and coating systems, functional testing systems, solar cell metallization equipment, and a variety of custom systems. We have a presence in all key growth markets and with more than 30 years of industry experience, we are able to implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set new standards.

Experiencing climate protection directly – Rehm apprentices learn to be energy scouts

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