Upgrading the recently launched Serverless application platform and R2 object storage service, Cloudflare is launching a new serverless database called D1 to take over databases from AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and Oracle.

The company claims that the distributed D1 database, which will be located in its more than 250 global locations – the periphery of Cloudflare – will reduce latency and data transfer fees for developers compared to other databases.

Reducing latency, according to the company, can be achieved by storing data in places close to the user of the database or where a specific application is running.

“This approach to building a database without a server is in stark contrast to that of AWS Lambda, where data goes back to function,” said Holger Mueller, chief analyst at Constellation Research.

“Currently, there are no services on the market that can be compared to D1, and we expect other cloud services to respond to this launch in their own ways,” Mueller said.

Another advantage or possible reason for rapid deployment may be the integration of the Cloudflare D1 SQLite API, which is compatible with Oracle’s MySQL database management system (DBMS).

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