Cloudflare Workers for platforms kicks off this weekis a new set of tools designed to make all web applications programmable to external developers.

Cloudflare Workers for Platforms will allow developers to add functionality to third-party software applications or SaaS offerings. This can be as simple as setting up email triggering when sales go through your e-commerce provider, or it can mean more complex customizations or integrations based on unique business requirements.

But instead of going through an ongoing feature request process with a third-party vendor, Cloudflare Workers for Platforms will allow developers to add functionality directly.

Cloudflare is expanding its reach in the developer community since the debut of its cloudless platform Cloudflare Workers in 2017. Cloudflare Workers has been followed by several developer tools, including the Cloudflare R2 object storage service, which competes with Amazon S3 for a fee. data output.

“Cloudflare has built our server-free computing platform, Cloudflare Workers, to give all of our customers the ability to program the way Cloudflare works for itself,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “We are now adopting this formula and helping every organization do the same, using the scale, speed and flexibility of Cloudflare’s global network.”

Workers for Platforms is effectively based on the Cloudflare Workers platform, which allows secure server-free code deployment on the Cloudflare peripheral network.

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