Consumer prices in the Gulf region jumped in April, almost in line with the annual increase released in February, a 21-year high, a grim new government report revealed on Wednesday.

Inflation in the Gulf region jumped at an annual rate of 5% in April, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics said on Friday.

The annual increase in consumer prices in April was only slightly lower than the 5.2% annual increase the government reported for the Gulf region in February, the federal agency said.

The increases so far this year are the highest since mid-2001, according to an analysis by this news organization of government reports from 1990.

Expenditures on food such as meat, poultry, fish, cereals and dairy products, together with the huge increase in petrol prices and sharp jumps in PG&E’s monthly utility bills, have pooled to boost annual inflation in the Gulf region by 5 % in April.

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