The Uniqsis Polar Bear Plus Flow™ is a compact, state-of-the-art temperature control module that can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with a flow reactor for both heated and cooled flow chemistry applications.

Using highly efficient compressor-based cooling and heating technology, Polar Bear Plus Flow™ can precisely and reliably maintain reactor temperatures anywhere between -40⁰C and +150⁰C. The module is easy to use and completely self-contained, requiring only an electrical supply to operate – no more solvents, refrigerants or messy heat transfer fluids.

The Polar Bear Plus Flow™ can also be integrated with a FlowSyn™ chemical flow system or used as a heater/cooler module as part of a modular FlowLab or FlowLab Plus chemical flow system.

To achieve high reproducibility and facilitate reaction scale-up, precise control of mixing and temperature is essential. This is especially important for highly exothermic or fast mixing-dependent reactions. Polar Bear Plus Flow™ is fully compatible with Uniqsis Static Mixer (GSM) chips, which provide efficient, turbulent mixed flow of reagents that is not dependent on diffusion. Uniqsis provides an adapter that fits over the top of the Polar Bear Plus Flow, allowing a smaller GSM range to be used in the adapter.

For more information on the Polar Bear Plus Flow™ Temperature Control Unit visit or contact Uniqsis at +44-845-864-7747/ [email protected].

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