The cloud database platform company Couch today announced several new updates to its database as a service, Capella couch. According to the company, these improvements are inspired by technologies that are already widely used by developers to build modern applications.

The company said this sense of familiarity is intended to help boost productivity and allow developers to more easily build next-generation apps.

These enhancements offer a new user interface that prominently presents developer tools, tasks, and journeys when building applications with Capella. Additionally, the help and tutorials have been updated to make learning Capella and getting answers faster and easier.

“To make a developer’s life easier, not harder, a quality developer experience is focused on letting developers use the tools they’re familiar with, or at least mimic those tools exactly,” said Stephen Oh ‘Grady, an analyst at Redmonk.

Also included in these updates are lower total cost of ownership, as well as security and compliance improvements for enterprise requirements.

Capella now offers a high-density storage system with new compute and storage enhancements. With this, users get faster processing performance while using less memory. With these updates, customers can also run on smaller and more affordable clusters that store and process more data with increased processing power.

Finally, Couchbase is working to grow its developer community through improved user and contributor support with the new Couchbase Ambassador Program. This allows developers to share knowledge with the wider developer community.

The company said the program offers tools and resources designed to enable ambassadors to speak at events, host community meetings and create content to grow the Couchbase community.

For more information on Capella updates, click here.

Couchbase unveils updates to Capella

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