Daisy partner business, part of Daisy Communications Ltd, provides a range of telecommunications solutions to British business partners of all shapes and sizes. Since 2001, Daisy Communications has its roots in the channels and in Daisy Partner Business, a business unit dedicated to its channel partners.

From sole traders to large enterprises, Daisy works with partners to understand its customers’ business and goals, helping them succeed and grow, and within today’s ever-changing landscape, Daisy works closely with its customers. partners to guide customers on the path to digital transformation. With some of the most competitive channel commission models, all trading terms are designed to deliver value to customers and generate revenue for partners.

Daisy Partner Business has recently launched a new affiliate program that makes it easier for retailers to run their business and offers a great opportunity to exit when they decide they want to move on.

The program encourages telecom retailers to migrate their base to and launch future businesses with Daisy Partner Business, which will manage customers on their behalf. Daisy functions as a back office, taking care of credit, invoicing, delivery and service to free up more time for distributors to focus on generating sales and increasing revenue. The model removes some of the business risks from the partner, while preserving their relationships and identity – their brand will continue to be present in all important documents.

If the partner decides to leave the business at any time, Daisy will help manage this exit and offer a multiplier of up to 25 times the average of the last average commission statement, realizing the value in the partner’s business.

Resellers who join will also receive the same benefits offered to all Daisy partners, including access to the full product package, training and marketing, account management for in-house and out-of-sales support, and 24/7/365 service of customers in the United Kingdom. As a 100% channel-focused business, Daisy Partner Business is committed to providing a first-class experience for both partners and their customers.

Julien Parwen, Director of Daisy Partner Business, commented: “Over the last few years, we have realized that retailers may be under pressure on revenue as customers spend less or migrate to new technologies. By launching this offer, we offer retailers the opportunity to maintain the management of their customers, but without additional back office costs, while building value in the business.

Through this initiative, we believe we have found the best of both worlds between the distributor and the traditional retailer.

In addition, we are still pursuing direct basic purchasing opportunities as part of our overall acquisition strategy. ”

About Daisy Communications

Daisy Communications is an independent №1 provider in the UK of voice, connectivity, mobile, telephone and cloud services. We help c. 88,000 direct customers and 13,000 customers managed by partners – companies of all sizes and in almost every sector – connect better with their customers, suppliers and teams.

We combine clear solutions, including optical broadband, mobile tariffs and telephone systems, with friendly, helpful people to support the business with their communication needs, now and with their growth.

As an independent provider, we work with all major telecommunications providers and suppliers, which means we will always get the best deal on the market for our customers.

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Daisy Partner Business launches new reseller programme

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