DAO launches one of the famous YouTubers from “Pude Perfect” by Blue Origin

The Texas Quintet from YouTubers known as Dude Perfect made a name for themselves by harnessing the force of gravity to create all sorts of viral tricks, but their next trick will be to figure out how to take advantage of the fact that they experience almost no gravity.

IN crypto team MoonDAO voted to give one of the seats he bought at the upcoming Blue Origin show to one of Dude Perfect’s five guys.

MoonDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO, a type of online community that makes decisions by forcing members to vote using blockchain tokens. One of these decisions was which of the four nominees should receive a free space trip. It was close race between Dude Perfect and “Everyday Astronaut” Tim Dodd, but in the end the guys got 46.5 percent of the vote against 44 percent of Dodd. YouTuber colleague Kaz Sawyer received almost 8 percent, while AI researcher and The personality on Twitter Rune get 1 percent. The deadline for voting ended on Sunday.

The main question now is which of the five members of Dude Perfect will actually take the short trip with the New Shepard rocket to the edge of space. They offered to repeat their competition for a model missile battle to decide who will get the place:

MoonDAO’s second purchased seat will go to the lucky holder of its randomly selected NFT space ticket. One winner and 10 alternates were randomly selected from more than 8,000 people who managed to forge one of the digital tickets for free to participate in the lottery.

A statement from MoonDAO posted on its Discord server said the winner and alternates were still preliminary.

“We will check all the winners of the second round of KYC (identity verification) to confirm that they are not bots and have followed all the rules of the competition. After the transition, we will be able to confirm the fixed and final results. “

This will not be the first time an NFT lottery winner has rode into space. One of the astronauts of the last flight of Blue Origin actually won the place in the circulation held by Crypto space agency.

The two MoonDAO-funded astronauts may fly immediately after the next launch of Blue Origin in the coming weeks, but no target date has been announced.

It is also unclear whether Dude Perfect will try to break some new records while on board the New Shepard, or how they will even practice making a shot at microgravity. When that happens, it could be one of the most interesting live space launches we’ve seen so far.

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