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One of the people I admire in the world of technology is Stella Lowe, whom I first met at Dell Technologies. It moved from Dell to Cisco to Apple, and then quickly switched to HP. Dell, Cisco, and HP prioritize employee and partner job satisfaction, while Apple is much more focused on margins and cost savings.

Which approach is better?

of Apple productivity and market valuation show the financial benefits of their tactics, but problems with companies like Qualcommand his constant efforts to eliminate the possibility of employees leaving can create serious recruitment and retention problems once these methods are discovered and become widely known.

Apple it seems to drive employees as if they were a commodity Is not an unusual approach, but one that often has results such as syndication and large outflow of employees. Compensating for this outflow are policies that restrict the movement of employees, which is also not uncommon. Dell, Cisco, and HP treat employees more like people, some may argue that they are more of an ideal family.

The theory is that the Dell, Cisco, and HP approaches are less likely to lead to employee unions, unsustainable employee withdrawals, or behavioral problems related to employee abuse. This is at least a theory, although basic perceptions could move more from time than from process.

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