Start of the useful algorithm.

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Airlines are completely consistent by nature.

They want free money from the government and they want customers to pay for every little thing that used to be free.

Oh, do you have a bag? Please invest $ 25 in the pension fund of our CEO, thank you.

One of the most disgusting changes the airlines made was charging passengers for every seat on the plane.

The sliding rock, which started with the best seats near the front or a window or aisle, and ended with seats that slide easily near the back.

There is nothing tastier than using technology to annoy customers during the buying process.

Oh, do you want a 26A seat? Oh, that’ll be another $ 75, thanks. Our CEO has two yachts, you know.

So I was moved to a contemplative gnashing of teeth when I heard that Delta Air Lines represented something that passengers had actually longed for.

Specific passengers, ie

For many years, traveling with a group of any size involves additional costs, as well as the extra care that you will not be able to sit together.

Airlines tend to be ruthless about this. Are you a family? Ah, that will cost you, won’t it?

Delta seemed to suddenly realize the cruelty of this. So, as Guy points reportedDelta borrows a word from Uber and introduces “dynamic” location maps.

No, this is not a map of the places in front of you, which makes choosing a place even more difficult.

Instead, it’s a service that blocks certain lines on each plane so that families – and, who knows, groups of nuns with adventures – can sit together in perfect harmony while each stares at a screen.

Behind all this, you will be glad to hear, there is an algorithm.

This tries to judge what kind of flight it is and what kind of people are willing to book that flight. Then the algorithm is constantly updated. So, if no family flies to Disney World that day for political reasons, it frees up space for lonely people looking for love in the Mouse Hole.

Delta explained that all of this is part of the essence of its brand: “Being a customer-oriented brand means that we are constantly working to offer an optimal travel experience. Adopting a dynamic approach with our seat card displays is one way to do this by providing preferred seating options in all cabins – at the time of booking or at the exit when working with an agent – for clients traveling alone or with group. “

To which more than one grizzly traveler may mutter, “Oh, yes. If you’re so customer-oriented, why haven’t you done it before?

I guess the answer is that the perfect algorithm has not yet been built.

There is another aspect to all this, of course. One that benefits the airline. Families can be a terrible nuisance when they can’t sit together. They board the plane and ask stubborn passengers to change seats. This slows down flights, something airlines hate.

With this dynamic algorithm, Delta boasts better departure times.

Oh, you thought all this was just for you, dear passenger? who do you think we are

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