An independent study published by Microsoft found that device repair significantly reduces waste generation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to device replacement.

IN Summary of sustainability benefits from repairing Microsoft devices The report, written by environmental research and consulting firm Oakdene Hollins, delved deeply into the environmental benefits of improving the “repairability” of Microsoft devices.

It uses Microsoft data on repair operations, but was ordered by the vendor.

The study found that for the seven devices assessed, repairing the product instead of replacing the device could lead to a 92% reduction in potential waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.

While more than 20% of the net benefits for the sustainability of repairs are determined by the transport method and logistics for the delivery of devices to the repair facilities.

The research also concluded that postal repair services offer the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, even over long distances, compared to other transport methods, such as consumers who drive their own vehicles to repair facilities.

Microsoft added that part of its strategy to improve speed and access to repair services is to increase the number of repair sites that are close to consumers.

However, the technology giant said consumers in remote locations may find that the repair facility is not nearby.

He says he will target these remote customers for mailing services, provided that this does not compromise the speed of repairs.

Microsoft does not see a basic principle of sustainability

The study was conducted in response to a decision of the shareholders filed by the non-profit organization As You Sow in June, which claims that Microsoft “restricts consumer access to the ability to repair devices, undermining our commitment to sustainability.”

After this study, Kelly McBee, coordinator of the waste program at As You Sow, said: “Microsoft said that these findings were accepted throughout the company, which is commendable and means that successful implementation is more likely.

“Only a year ago, we heard a different message from the device repair company, and now, with the release and adoption of these survey results, the company is demonstrating important steps to use device repair as an important mechanism for achieving its climate goals. “

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